Improved EQ
With content crafted to train key aspects of EQ, help your people be calm and collected in the moment while learning skills proven to combat stress, increase resilience, and improve adaptability and morale long-term.

Heightened emotional intelligence means a happier, healthier and more productive environment.
Better Communication
A higher level of EQ leads to better communication because when you understand emotions and regulate them, you can effectively express how you feel and empathize with others.

Communication - the human connection - is key to personal and career success.
Reduced Presenteeism
Mental health is the #1 cause of absenteeism. But did you know that presenteeism (being at work but not functioning due to illness, injury, or other conditions) costs organizations 7.5X the absenteeism rate?

By giving your people tools to improve self-awareness and self-regulation, you're helping them manage their mood and time for success.

For Work

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